Frequently Asked Questions

General enquiries

Yes! We do supply two standard sizes as these are the most common sizes. But we can also cut splashbacks to size. if you are after pricing,do get in touch with us!

All glass orders come with a 10 year warranty. The warranty covers:

• Colour fading - over 10% from the original colour

• Paint delamination - paint flaking or delaminating from the back of the glass

• Workmanship - the installation is not up to Glass Art standards (excludes Supply Only orders)

• Adhesion and/or mechanical fixing

Yes - the warranty does not cover paint or print deterioration caused by:

• Accidental scratches or chips caused by the customer due to normal wear and tear

• Acts of nature

• Deterioration that has originated from the substrate

• Excessive prolonged heat from a glass hob that is withing the recommended 100mm distance between the splashback & closest edge of the back burner

• Variation of colour due to changes in glass composition

• Damage caused by water/moisture entering from behind the substrate

The recommended distance of hob to splashback is 100mm from the edge of the gas rear burner to the glass splashback.

The tolerance on plug holes is 50mm between cutout and 20mm from the edge of the cutout to the edge of the glass

The lead time will depend on a few factors, such as the size of the job.

• For Supply Only jobs - Generally our turnaround time for manufacturing the glass is approx. 5-6 working days, all going well. This does not include delivery times (if delivery is required)

• For Measure & Install jobs - again depending on the size of the job but also the location, timing may vary especially for more out of town areas. As a guide, our average turnaround time for these jobs are approx. 14 working days all going well

Supply only - for all supply only jobs, full payment is required prior to manufacturing

Measure & Install - for all measure and install jobs, a 75% deposit is required before we can set up a job. Once deposit has been received and the final measure is carried out by our installer, a pricing confirmation is done during this time. If there is a major difference in price, we will let the customer know of this change. We will not ask for additional payment at this point. Final invoice and payment requirement will be sent out once the job is installed and completed

Each wall art panel comes with an appropriate sized backing board attached directly to the glass which also has a metal hook. Each wall art panel comes with screws and fitting instructions

It is extremely important to use neutral cured based specifically the Bostik 70-03. We advise to use this silicone as other silicone types may cause damage to the backing of the splashback or may bleed through the splashback. We can supply the Bostik 70-03 (white), to do so head on over to our online store

If your order arrives damaged, we do ask that you provide us with some photos showing the damage and a brief description if necessary. We are happy to provide a replacement at no charge but would require enough evidence of the damage so we are able to request a claim from the delivery company

In order for us to carry out a measure, the rangehood and benchtop needs to be installed. Any power point cut-outs do also need to be finalised prior to measure (if applicable). Once these things are completed, we are able to do a site measure

Unfortunately, once the glass has been toughened it cannot be cut. If you attempt to cut into the glass, it would just completely shatter

Painted Glass

The colour choices are pretty endless. Here at Glass Art, we do have a number of different colour ranges that we make in-house and can be found here. If you find that our colours are not quite right, we can also formulate any Resene, Dulux colours or other major paint brands

Yes we do!

Local - those who are local to Tauranga/Bay of Plenty area, you are welcome to pop in to our showroom and take samples home with you. We do ask that the larger samples are out for 3-4 days and returned back to us.

Out of town - if you are not local and are located else where in NZ, we can send out samples. Do get in touch with us to discuss

If you are after a custom colour, we do ask that you provide us with the brand name and colour or provide us with some type of physical swatch. Our painters will try and eye colour match as close as they possibly can onto a small glass sample. We are happy to provide our customers with up to 3 samples at 150 x 150 in size. Anything over that we begin to charge $20 inc. GST per sample

Printed Glass

We offer stock standard images on our website which covers a range of different categories. To see what’s available, do browse through our Galleries pages

Yes! There are a few other alternatives.

Shutterstock - is an image based website that supplies an endless amount of stock image options. Glass Art does have an account with Shutterstock, so we are able to download the full version from our end. If there as an image you come across that you like, do make a note of the ID number which is often located at the bottom of the image.

Designers/Artists - We work closely with 2 amazing NZ designers/artists each who have unique styles. Lucy G & Tamaasa are the artists we work with and we do have their works displayed on our website. Please note, additional art and licensing fees apply

Yes! You are absolutely more than welcome to use your own images. As long as the image is of printable quality, you are most welcome to do so

When supplying your own image, we recommend using images that are at least 3-5MB or larger, as any smaller will not be sharp enough. The file size required will depend on the size of the glass. The image must be a JPG file that is 300dpi to at least 4500 x 3000 pixels. This size and resolution will be suitable for splashbacks and wall art up to 1250 x 2500mm

Yes! Our process is that we will always provide a proof to our customers prior to any manufacturing. We always want to ensure that you are happy with the final cropped image and also image quality before we put anything into production. First proof or 15mins of artwork is free! Additional charge may apply if further proofs are required

if the glass is completely exposed to the elements and not covered at all, unfortunately the print/paint would not withstand the weather. If the area were covered (i.e. - covered BBQ area), the print would be fine

Do you have other enquiries or needing more info? Free to get in touch with us via phone or email. Our friendly team are more than happy to assist you!