As GlassArt uses only the best materials crafted through quality workmanship, we offer a "10 Year Guarantee" on all of our products. This covers paint delamination, colour fading and workmanship.

Guarantee Exclusions

The GlassArt 10 Year Guarantee does not cover paint delamination caused by:

  • Corrosion origination from the substrate including water getting in behind the painted/printed glass.
  • Glass or paint damage due to acts of nature.
  • Excessive, prolonged heat from a gas cooking appliance (see below)
  • Colour fading up to 25% difference from the original colour.

GlassArt Recommendations for Gas Cooking Appliances

As noted in the New Zealand Standards Authority report NZS 5261:2003 – any combustible material (Gypsum based wall board) within 200mm from the middle of the rear burner needs to be protected by either: 5mm ceramic tiles, 5mm toughened glass or 0.4mm stainless steel, or any other system that can be demonstrated to satisfy the temperature requirement.

Any GlassArt splashback installed within 200mm of the rear back burner is covered by our Paint Deterioration Full Replacement Warranty. However, if the distance is less than 100mm from the edge of the burner we recommend extreme care is taken when using the back burners, particularly the larger ‘wok’ burners. Splashbacks installed within this 100mm distance may not be covered by the GlassArt Full Replacement Warranty. Continuous excessive heat can cause damage to the splashback.

Should this occur, please contact us.

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