Choose from our range of images, or send us your own special photo. WallArt printed onto glass brings light, life and even more colour to your favourite photo or memory.

Our frameless glass wall art is a timeless, modern and unique piece to add to your collection - adding a dramatic & stunning feature to your home or workplace.

You can supply your own image for wallart, or you can select from our Art Catalogue.

If you supply your own, we will need 300dpi JPG files to at least 4500 x 3000 pixels. This size and resolution will be suitable for large pieces of Wall Art. If you are unsure whether your image is of a high enough quality then you can email it to us at services@glassartnz.co.nz so we can check it for you. 

If you find an image on Shutterstock that you would like us to use, please email us the image ID number along with the estimated size of the wall art you require, and we can organise it for you. Or call us on 0800 937766 to discuss your ideas and requirements.

WallArt Sizes and Pricing:

420 x 300        $189

510 x 510        $269

800 x 400        $289

600 x 750        $329

1020 x 510      $349

900 x 750        $399

450 x 1400      $399

750 Circular    $479

1500 x 750      $695