Are you the DIY type? Are you an art lover? Do you want a splashback that is going to create interest? We have the answer for you!

GlassArt offers 2 Standard sizes of printed splashbacks in an unlimited range of prints that you can install yourself!

  • 750h x 600w - $285.95
  • 750h x 900w - $358

Our DIY printed splashbacks are available to purchase online in 3 different ways. Option 1 - we have a catalogue consisting of 9 different galleries that you can choose an image from. Option 2 - we recommend a website called Shutterstock that has an almost endless selection of high quality images available, or, Option 3 - you can click on one of our favourite images below to purchase.

When choosing your image please consider the shape of the splashback you are after, is it a portrait shaped splashback = 750h x 600w, or a landscape shaped splashback = 750h x 900w, because we will need to crop the image to fit that size. We will always email you a proof of the image you have selected, cropped to the correct size, before we produce your splashback to ensure you are happy with it.

Please be aware you will need silicone to adhere your splashback to the wall, you must use a 'Neutral Cure' silicon (any other type other than neutral cure can react with the paint). We recommend using Bostic 70-03 which is also available from our online shop.

When you have choosen an image simply click here to order (make sure you have the image ID number to put into the "Order Notes"

Or, click on one of our GlassArt favourites below to purchase a printed splashback.