Why have your memories printed onto glass?

Images printed onto glass enhances the depth and colour of your print, bringing your special memories back to life, while being easy to clean and long lasting.

How to order your wall art:

All we need is your image in a high quality JPEG file, with at least 300 DPI. This quality is standard from a professional photographer. Your image can be emailed, sent via drop-box or your can provide us with a memory stick.

We will size it, proof it and email the proof back to you, if you are not sure if your picture is of a high enough resolution send it to us and we will check this for you. 

Once you have accepted the proof and we have received payment we print your picture to a high quality finish using top quality ink and glass.

Each image is quality controlled, professionally packed and couriered to you, all within 10 days of payment being received. 

Sizes and Pricing:

420 x 300        $189

510 x 510        $269

800 x 400        $289

600 x 750        $329

1020 x 510      $349

900 x 750        $399

1500 x 750      $695