GlassArt Recommended Glass Cleaner

Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner

Compare this cleaner to ordinary glass cleaner and you’ll see a huge difference – Guaranteed!!!

Powerful foaming-action formula destroys dirt, grime, grease and salts. Brightens and cleans glass and mirrors, producing a streak-free shine.

$17.00 per can


Invisible Shield – Surface Protectant

Nano Technology, repels water, soil and stains.

Reduces the adhesion and build up of water spots, soap scum, lime scale and mineral deposits for easier cleaning.

Long lasting action – up 6 to 8 months

300ml $24.00


Cream Cleanser

Cleans glass, porcelain ceramics and other hard surfaces.

Removes the build-up of minerals, rust, soaps, oils and limescale without damging the surface.

350ml $24.00



Purchase Invisible Shield and Cream Cleanser for only $40.00

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