Effects Glass Splashbacks

Our Effects Glass Ranges combine a variety of colours and finishes painted onto a range of textured and obscured glasses. We offer 3 ranges within Effects Glass, the Black and White Range, the Coffee Club Range and the Ka Pow Range, with each range offering 24 colours you have the flexibility of choosing your colour and your glass to make your own glass effect.

The ranges offers the ideal solution when looking for a truly original glass splashback finish. Click the following link to view our Effects Glass Gallery

GlassArt NZ uses the textured glass to promote depth and dimension, our textures include a wood grain and a stone look, along with uniformed lines and patterns, all offering the benefits of a smooth glass face. 

The GlassEffects range is designed to allow our clients the freedom to create their own splashback. Any effects colour can be used on any type of textured glass, though some colours can transmit a slightly different colour when used on different types of glass 

Below is a selection of GlassEffects colours and textures available.

If you would like to know more about GlassEffects and commercial application please contact us

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