Bathroom Glass

GlassArt have developed a range of glass bathroom products to modernise and enhance your bathroom space. We have a range of glass vanities that are wall hung, leaving a stylish modern look which can be enhanced by our range of glass handbasins that we offer in 12 different styles.


Our Glass Splashbacks are not only for use in your kitchen, they aslo make an amazing addition to modernise any bathroom. For ease of attractiveness and ease of cleaning you cant go past a splashback behind your vanity and around your bath. and Bathroom glass splashbacks present new dimensions in bathroom design. Use glass where traditionally tiles have been used, or mix tile flooring with clean panels of painted glass lining the walls.


Have you considered having your shower completed in glass. This shower shows a digital print on the glass covering the wall, with clear glass completing the outside walls of the shower. GlassArt specialise in providing shower glass, with the digital printing adding a new dimension to your standard showers.


GlassArt’s inspirational colours, textures and patterns are ideal when searching for original and unique bathroom finishes. To view the options availble check out our gallery of Bathroom Glass


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